Extend The Lifetime Of Your PC With The Computer Oil Change

Much like a car engine is dependent on coolant pumped to the radiator to remove heat from the engine; your computer processor has thermal grease applied to it in between the CPU and the Heat-sink to remove heat from the CPU, GPU and motherboard. Replacing this grease after 3 years is ideal. The factory grease is silicon based which loses its viscosity and turns to clay after 1 year. This process starts to degrade your computer and causes it to fail or have problems soon after your warranty runs out. The computer manufactures hopes are to get you to buy another computer. Here at HVC we have the complete solution to have your machine run perfectly for years after you bought it. Extend The Lifetime Of Your PC With The Computer Oil Change!

Planned obsolescence is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete or no longer functional after a certain period of time. The device is designed to break after a certain amount of time. This in turn puts you the customer through the company’s door again to buy another machine. All pre-built, store bought computers are built to fail. If viewed from a manufacturers side, a warranty is more a less a guarantee that the item will fail after X amount of time.

This process is accomplished through simple physics; based off of Ohms law: V=IR or Voltage = Current x Resistance. As temperature rises, resistance rises (R increases), causing the flow of electrons to decrease (I decreases) through your system. This in turn decreases system power and efficiency: P = V x I. Therefore, more power must be put into the system to get the same amount of current by increasing voltage (V). This then makes the system more hot, increasing resistance; and so the cycle repeats until the system is fried. This is accomplished by using a cheap thermal compound. When the grease loses viscosity, heat no longer will transfer to the heat-sink and the chip-set will get hot and start to degrade. In order to run a machine and have it be fast, reliable and last a long time; it must have sufficient cooling and good long lasting thermal compound. Overclocking a machine is based off this same principle. Liquid Coolers create drastically lower temperatures than stock fan coolers. This allows the Voltage to be increased and the frequency of the CPU to be increased, causing the computer to run faster!

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