One On One Consultation With An Engineer. Hand Assembled And Designed To Last. Quiet High Performance Cooling Liquid Systems. Up-gradable With Money Back On Upgrades – Eco Friendly! Any Operating System – Windows, OSX and Linux – multi Boot Capable! Built to fit size requirements. Access Your Machine Away From Home And Utilize Its Software And Power Over A Remote Desktop Connection. Our machines are built with thermal compound made with real silver. (Store bought PC’s ship with a silicon based thermal compound which loses viscosity and turns to clay causing your system to run slow , hot and eventually die. This is how planned obsolescence works).

We pick the parts together off Amazon and Newegg, and you see the prices of all the parts. There is a 35% build fee based on all of the parts you've chosen. For Windows install there is an addition $149 and for OSX there is an additional $249. Find out how we can save you money on your next PC/Mac and gain you performance, upgrades, reliability and serviceability!